Looking for a last minute getaway, but concerned about flight pricing? I’ve got you covered. In this article, I will tell you the best sites to find last-minute flight deals and tricks on how to book the best flight routes when you’re in a bind, regardless of your travel style 😎


Last-Minute Flights: All You Need To Know

A last-minute flight is basically air travel booked within two weeks of departure. Whether you’re aiming for economy class or business, travelers have so many ways to find deals at the last minute to get them to their next destination.

Not to mention, as a frequent flyer myself, I’ve gained a lot of insight and ideas on how to grab the best last-minute flight deals.

Are Flights Usually Cheaper At The Last Minute?

Yes and no!

When I first started traveling, I made the mistake of booking flights way in advance in order to save money. But, if you do a simple flight search on your favorite travel website using your phone or computer, you’ll see that the flight price for the following day will sometimes be as cheap as flights for the exact same route a month or two later.

The price of a last-minute flight will really depends on whether the plane is almost full or not. If a plane still has a good amount of seats left, the price can drop significantly, especially with upgrading to a premium economy or business seat. However, if the plane is almost sold out, that’s when getting a good deal becomes tricky.

What Is The Best Way To Get Deals On Last-Minute Flights?

Applying just a few, if not all, of these 4 travel tips is the best way to get deals on last-minute flights:


Top 8 Best Websites to Find Cheap Last-Minute Flight Deals

1. Tripadvisor Flights: Offers similar functionality to Google and Kayak but differentiates itself with a user-review angle where you can use users reviews to your advantage, which is mostly accurate

2. Travelzoo: Great at finding affordable flights for people who know when they want to go on vacation but who don’t have specific plans in mind, so flexibility is key

3. Google Flights: The ultimate game changer. You can’t go wrong with google flights as it’s based on an A.I. (artificial intelligence) system that filter through the web to find flights at affordable rates

4. Student Universe: An online travel agency specializing in student travel. It offers flights, lodging, travel insurance and tours/experiences

5. Scott’s Cheap Flights: An email newsletter and mobile app (which I’ve personally used before) that focuses on helping subscribers find cheap flights using flight deal alerts

6. Jack’s Flight Club: Similar to Scott’s Cheap Flights, it is an email newsletter and mobile app that focuses on helping its subscribers find cheap flight deals using alerts

7. Skiplagged: Practices using “hidden-city” ticketing (connecting, layovers) as your final destination to save money

8. Kayak: searches hundreds of other travel sites at once to find the information you need to make the right decisions on flights, hotels & rental cars.


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