Welcome to JayUnaccompanied

Hi, I’m Jeremy Cash, better known as JayUnaccompanied, and I am a former professional American football (NFL) player turned entrepreneur and world traveler based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. My love for travel began during my years playing football and having the opportunity to travel throughout the United States. Once I retired from football, my life and love for travel truly began.

The why?

I created this site to show you – ambitious travelers from all walks of life – why you should be eager to step outside of your comfort zone, stop waiting on others and realize your travel dreams!

The how?

JayUnaccompanied is all about showing fellow travelers how to travel affordably, safely and confidently using resources that are time-tested and proven.

The goal?

Allow all of you to spend less time searching the internet for information, which will inevitably overwhelm you, and spend more time doing the thing that you love – traveling.

From NFL to Entrepreneur and World Traveler

Growing up in Miami, I wasn’t one of the lucky few born into an affluent or even middle class family. So the idea of traveling to foreign countries was more of a pipe dream. I was a part of the generation who grew up without the advantages enjoyed by so many of my contemporaries. But such hardships taught me crucial life lessons, allowing me to be an inspiration and fountain of knowledge for those who grew up in similar circumstances.  

As an experienced impoverished youngster, I truly appreciated the value of money. So, after college, when I was fortunate enough to go play in the NFL, I saved and penny pinched. I was never one to place too much emphasis on the material things. I wanted to fill my life with experiences, not things and have stories to tell, not stuff to show. 

So, once I retired, I became an entrepreneur and took my first solo trip to Costa Rica. 

Admittedly, I had no idea what I was doing and ended up spending WAY too much money.

But that’s the beauty of life, every day is a new opportunity to learn.

On that same trip, I met other solo travelers who were also visiting Costa Rica and they began telling me about their world travels and how they did it.

From that moment on, I was hooked on travel.

I wanted in. I wanted to know their secrets.

Fast forward to now and over 20 countries later, I’ve made lifelong friends, created unbelievable memories, have thousands of stories to tell and am here with one mission in mind – to help other travelers like yourself, travel the world affordably, safely and confidently!

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